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Interested in starting a new business?

Here is where you will find the information you will need to begin your venture into starting your own business. Contents: First Steps, Business License Information, Tax Information, Form of Ownership, Employess

Where to Find Information

First Steps in Starting a Business
The first step in starting any business in Iowa is to contact the Business License Information Center. The center is your link between business and regulatory agencies in state government. Next contact your City Clerk or Country Auditor for information on local requirements (local ordinance or zoning information), and third arrange for legal counsel and accounting services.

Information the Business License Information Center Provides
The Business License Information Center contains a computerized list of hundreds of different kinds of business licenses, permits and regulations. When you call the center for assistance, an information kit is designed to meet you specific needs, such as required licenses, a summary of each license, special requirements for obtaining the license, fees and processing times as well as agency names and phone numbers.

Want information to help your existing business? The Business License Information Center can offer quick and accurate answers in:

  • Licenses and Permits
  • Taxes
  • Regulations
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Local Requirements
  • Marketing and Management Assistance
  • Financial Alternatives
  • Trade Name Regulations
  • Special Programs for Targeted Small Businnesses

The assistance you get from the Business License Information Center is free. Call toll free, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30 pm: (800) 532-1216. In Des Moines or outside Iowa. (515) 281-8310 or (515) 281-8324.

Tax Information
Iowa Department of Revenue & Finance, (515) 281-3114

  • Sales & Use Tax Permits
  • State Income Tax Information
  • Certificates of Exemptions for Manufactures & Wholesalers

Form of Ownership
Secretary of State -- Incorporation, Corporations, Limited Partnerships
State Trademarks -- (515) 281-5204
County Recorder -- Sole Proprietership and Simple Partnership

Internal Revenue Service, (800) 424-1040

  • Employer's Identification Number
  • Federal Income Tax & Social Security Information
  • Department of Employment Services, (515) 281-5387
  • Division of Labor -- OSHA Consolation & Information on Labor Laws, (515) 281-3445
  • Division of Job Service -- Unemployment Insurance, (515) 281-8200
    (Unemployment insurance liability starts at the point where there is one or more persons on a payroll in each of twenty weeks in a calender year or if they have a $1,500.00 payroll in a quarted of a calendar year.)
  • Worker's Compensation Commissioner -- Worker's Compensation Regulatory Information (515) 281-5934
    (Worker's compensation insurance is secured through your own insurance agent.)

Contact Information

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200 S. 15th Street
Clarinda, IA 51632